Links 'n Rants


Disclaimer: Any of the "controversial" links below were the choice of Johnny Gotham, so the FBI,CIA,NSA or any other police state goons need not kick in the doors of, or harass, any of the other members of ElectraVibe.

Vintage Synth Explorer
Good resource for all things keyboard.

If you need your news fix, please have the sense to tune out the criminal corporate media and their spoon-fed spin.

Modern Drunkard Magazine
The lushes in ElectraVibe to be a centerfold feature soon !

Library of Congress
Read what's left of the Constitution while you still can !


National Hurricane Center
God forbid you need this. Essential info for anyone who lives within striking distance of a hurricane.

Scholars for 9/11 Truth
The real "conspiracy theory" is the one shoveled out by the government and corporate media. See for yourself what real scientists and investigators have to say.

National Security Archive

Good spot to find declassified documents released by the Freedom of Information Act.

You could waste years of your life on this site. Incredible array of video and animation from silly to serious.

The truth behind the lies ! What happened to government BY the people ? Wake up America ! Take a good look at those in power and ask yourself "how the fuck did THIS happen ??" Vote these dangerous criminal degenerates out of office NOW...if you can-----see Black Box Voting (below)

So many people have seen the band naked, you might as well too ! Adults Only !!

Black Box Voting -- Electoral Fraud
This danger goes to the core of democracy and citizen's rights to have their votes counted properly. Whole elections are being stolen by enemies of democracy and traitors to our once great country ! With today's technology, we can finally end thousands of years of vote fraud, too bad our country is barreling it's way in the wrong and criminal direction. Corrupt electoral officials and voting machine companies should be exposed, prosecuted, and handed severe penalties.

What Really Happened

MUST SEE site regarding the TRUTH about 9/11/01 and other events. Check out those links relating to it down the left side of the page. There are WAY too many suspicious actions or inactions, dubious circumstances, unlikely coincidences, not too mention mounds of suppressed evidence and eyewitness testimonies, regarding the events of the September 11 tragedy to believe the "official" version of the story. Every American needs to look at and consider ALL of the evidence.

9/11 Truth Movement
More on the shocking deception of the American public perpetrated by certain business, military, and government interests.

The Nation
Reporting on our country's slide back into feudalism !

Sonic State Synth Site
Great site for info on almost any synthesizer ever made as well as lots of info on studio gear.

Independent Media Center
Don't trust ANYTHING on the Network news/propaganda stations. In fact, shoot your fucking TV and chop it into pieces. Your life will dramatically improve. Liberal media my ass. Yeah, big corporations led by the filthy rich have always been bastions of liberalism and truth.


Progressive Punch
We hate to be political, but...

CIA--The World Factbook

Any reasonable and knowledgeable human being wouldn't normally trust a fuckin' thing from the CIA. But this is actually a very valuable resource with alot of information on EVERY country on Earth. One of the only worthwhile things this group of degenerate scum-bags has ever produced.

Pseudepigrapha, Apocrypha and Sacred Writings
Interesting website pertaining to "Holy" Scriptures. Includes all the accepted mainstream scriptures, but more importantly, a collection of scriptures that were ignored or edited out of the Holy Books over time. Nothing like shaping the "word" of the Almighty, eh ? Also, I believe that Mormons must all be on acid, making it one of the more attractive religions out there if you're considering changing teams.

Village Voice

Esteemed grand-daddy of the "alternative" weekly papers can still pack a punch sometimes and it's a good source of info for happenings in New York City and beyond.

Gambit Weekly
New Orleans' paler version of the alternative weekly rarely packs a punch and shuns almost everyone except advertisers. Still, good features and music bylines every now and then and good source for cultural listings. Plus, they carry This Modern World and Andre Codrescu. Post Katrina issues are carrying a little more weight.

From The Wilderness
Former detective Michael Ruppert's investigative website dealing with a myriad of high crimes and cover-ups.

Defining Characteristics of Fascism
Just like it says...anything sound familiar lately ?

Un-spun news from around the world

A humorous look at the bungling occupants and minions of the executive mansion.

TV News Lies
Confronting the lying, spinning, traitorous corporate media. Anyone who gets their "news" from television and believes it to be anything other than
propaganda is fooling themselves.

Heirloom Seeds
A great place to get seeds to grow your own delicious and nutritious vegetables, fruits, herbs, etc. These seeds are guaranteed non-genetically modified
organic and copyright and license free. Did you know that many of the commercial seeds people buy produce genetically modified foods ? Did you know
that in regard to these same seeds, when you "buy" them, you're really just licensing them and that one huge corporation, Monsanto, owns the rights to the majority of seeds, and thus food, in circulation ??
Good progressive news and opinion.
Hard hitting news that more of the brainwashed public need to tune into for deprogramming.


Freedom Underground
Links to very good Flash movie about Pentagon "attack" on 9/11

American Free Press
Uh, kind of self-explanatory really.

Craig's List
Pick a cool city and it will help you find something.

Nature Publishing Group

Scientific journals. Some heavy reading but great for catching up on advances in science and medicine, if you're inclined to such things.

WTUL FM Tulane college radio
This is one of two stations in New Orleans that's worth turning on your radio for.
By the way, call 504-865-5885 or email them and request ElectraVibe or Bust !!


The Memory Hole
Lingering evidence that certain high-level criminals would love to see disappear.

The Constitution Society
Excellent resource pertaining to this country's most sacred documents. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights are the cornerstones of this country and what it used to stand for, but the relevance of these great documents are quickly eroding. Gee, what happens when a cornerstone erodes ?

The Merck Manual
Outstanding resource dealing with the human body and it's inevitable afflictions.

Music...and lots of it.

9/11 Facts
Ummm, you'll figure it out.

The Free Press
Just that, baby ! Independent news, not controlled or censored by the propaganda machine.