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And so a new era dawns for ElectraVibe. Rising from the ashes of reconstruction and rehab to forge ahead with their unique brand of electronica fused about anything. ElectraVibe is a collective of musicians who aren't afraid to take music in practically obscene directions with climactic combinations of styles ranging from drum n bass, breakbeat, jazz fusion, house, trance, trip hop, funk, balls to the wall techno, and lascivious loungy grooves. With real live instruments. Computers are never used onstage unless it's to view pornography.



October 2005: Well, obviously it hasn't been the best of times for our home, New Orleans. But things in certain neighborhoods are trickling back to some bizarre version of "normalcy". Other neighborhoods are devastated. The residents, the soul of the city, spread out all over and who knows who will come back for good. The survivors anyway. Half of the band has been back in the city for a while, while the other half is living the life of the uncertain refugee. It will be an odd time for New Orleans for months, perhaps years, to come. But hope is a strong comrade in these strange days.

As for the new release, "Here Begins The Resistance", it was unfortunately delayed for release in July with the idea of squeezing in some other songs. Shooting for release in early October, compositions were tweaked and sessions scheduled and...along came that bitch Katrina. The studio still stands thankfully. We did lose some track sheets, charts, and artwork due to the swampy conditions caused by a damaged roof and a shit-load of rain. But much worse, we lost some momentum and the chance to do the final recording sessions. We lost some big gigs, such as a couple scheduled shows at the infamous Nawlins in November sex convention which was cancelled due to the spanking the city took. Many music venues remain closed/destroyed and what gigs there are pale in comparison to the scene that existed before the hurricanes. The record will get finished one way or another and you'll hear about it here first...then it takes the world by storm.


"Where's Charlie ?" Update:

ElectraVibe keyboard wiz Charlie Dennard is presently winding his way through Europe after an extended tour of Asia as the keyboardist for the world-renowned Cirque de Soliel's "Alegria" show, featured on the Bravo television network. As ElectraVibe member Johnny Gotham explains,"yeah, we sure miss Charlie. Not only is he obviously very talented, but he was an inspiration to everyone in the band and audience as he was usually the first one to drop his trousers on a gig. Man, talk about an ice-breaker..." OK then. So when will the band be back on the road ? "Our main focus has been on the studio projects and we're now pressing to get the next record done. Most of the tracks are in place and we're down to a few tweaks and mixes," says Gotham. "We're booking a few New Orleans shows for the summer and then we'll get to touring in the fall. We'll be trying to coordinate tours with Bust and The Headhunters, so alot is still up in the air ." New Orleans funk/jazz/rock band Bust is led by ElectraVibe's saxophone diva Rebecca Barry and includes E-vibe's Victor and Gotham. Legendary funk-fusion band The Headhunters now features ElectraVibe's Victor Atkins on keyboards and Rebecca just released a full length record with the band. Yep, sure seems to be alot of inbreedin' going on around here...

Photos by Fleur de Lis Photography

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