Keep your eyes and ears on this space for some preview tracks from the upcoming record. The working title of the record is "Here Begins the Resistance" and was, we thought, nearing completion until we decided to work a couple new songs in. Please stay tuned...

For now here's a mix of ElectraVibe's remake of the Sly and the Family Stone classic "Thank you falletinme be mice elf". It's pretty much the "straight" mix. We plan to warp it out, especially Rebecca's smokin' sax solo, for the cd and club mixes.

Thank you...(mp3)

Musicians on this tune:

Chris Collins--keyboards,bass,vocals,beats and drums

Rebecca Barry--saxophone, vocals

Victor Atkins--keyboards


This is a break-beat/techno track from the soon-to-be-released Here Begins The Resistance. Written by Dennard, Morris, Collins, DeFelice, and some help by the fine folks at Korg. Arranged and Performed by Chris Collins, er I mean Johnny Gotham (keyboards, bass, guitar, drums & programming), with vocals and lyrics by Alissa Morris.


This is a live drum 'n bass style track from the LiveElectraVibe record. Musicians on this song are Charlie Dennard (keyboards), Chris Collins (keyboards, beats, bullhorn), Kimberley Longstreth (vocals), Nevil DeFelice (beats), and Brian Seeger (guitar). Song written by ElectraVibe with lyrics by Alissa Morris and additional lyrics by Kimberley Longstreth.



Below is ElectraVibe's 2001/02 release Millenium Morning

This record includes ElectraVibe studio tracks, several tracks from Charlie Dennard's record Atmospheric Images, and a few songs recorded live at the 735 Club on the world famous Bourbon Street in New Orleans. We had a long-running weekly gig at the 735, and playing on Bourbon Street can sure test your nerves, not to mention your liver. We managed to record quite a few shows there, albeit totally lo-tech: we recorded straight from the mixing board onto an ancient cassette 4-track ! It did the job, but a bit raw and there's not much crowd feedback since we didn't set up audience mics. Our hats are off to those at the 735 Club as at least they're not afraid to book original music, unlike almost every single other joint on Bourbon Street, plus the building was old and full of character--one could feel that it had seen it's share of debauchery over 150 years or so. The mp3 links on "Krauted House" and "Loose Goose" below are two of the live recordings at the 735 featuring Charlie (keyboards), Chris (keyboards), Kimberley (vocals), Nevil (beats), and Rocky Raful (guitar). "Being Beautiful" is a studio track with lyrics written by Anders Larsson and featuring super special guest vocalist Ali Lefevre.

  1. Shortwave Intro
  2. Spectrum
  3. Only Time
  4. Nouveau Electro
  5. Would U
  6. Redneck Overbite
  7. Loose Goose
  8. Trajectory
  9. Lunar Du

All songs from Millenium Morning Copyright 2001-2002 Denneaux Music --- All rights Reserved !


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Rarities and Bootlegs

Groundbreaking live electronic fusion from New Orleans own ElectraVibe, recorded at a variety of shows and venues from 2000-2004 ! This CD features ElectraVibe mainstays Five O'Clock Charlie and Johnny Gotham with a stellar ensemble of bandmates and guests, including:

Jesse Lewis (guitar) ............. Doug Belote (drums)

Eric Lucero (trumpet, digeredoo) ... Rocky Raful (guitar)

Kimberley Longstreth (vocals) .... Brian Seeger (guitar)

Victor Atkins (keyboards) ....... Sunny Mehta (guitar)

Rebecca Barry (saxophone) ....... Alissa Morris (vocals)

Mp3s coming soon !!


All songs from LiveElectraVibe copyright 2001,2004 Deneaux Music and NOLArtists. All rights reserved. Ya heard me ?