The sexy sounds of ElectraVibe and it's offspring have been heard in a wide variety of places including clubs, commercials, radio, films, festivals, raves, interventions, and the monkey breeding cage at the zoo. Soon to be heard at a revolution near you !

ElectraVibe... a recording and live performance band based in New Orleans that specializes in original music that is a fusion of electronic club styles along with elements of jazz, funk, and alternative rock. Formed in 1999, early ElectraVibe compositions were mostly of the drum n’ bass, trip-hop, or jazz fusion variety. But with the departure of noted guitarist Jesse Lewis, who accepted a scholarship to study in New York, the band shifted towards encompassing more club styles into their sound. ElectraVibe soon had many compositions that incorporated trance, house, breakbeat, jungle, techno, industrial, several drum ‘n bass sub-genres, and ambient electronic grooves. The main thing that separates ElectraVibe from most other electronic artists is that they can perform their material live, without the aid of computers. ElectraVibe thrives on the challenge of live improvisation, and is fortunate to have several outstanding soloists in the band--a trait all too lacking in the majority of dance/club music styles. This ability to perform ground breaking original music with spectacular leads can elevate a show to unexpected levels. While the core of the band and/or frequent contributors are the musicians featured below, the band likes the shows to be as much of a multi-media multi-sensory experience as possible and has always been interested in pursuing ongoing collaborations with a variety of visual artists, DJs, guest musicians, circus freaks, and midget porn-stars.

Original ElectraVibe circa 1999


photo by Scott Edwards

ElectraVibe's Main Cast of Characters ::: Click on names for bio info !!

5 O'Clock Charlie - keyboards, programming, vocoder
Charlie currently touring with Cirque de Soliel and not in live ElectraVibe line-up !

Johnny Gotham - keyboards, bass, vocals, drum programming
D'eva D'luxe - saxophones, vocals
Atlas Jones - keyboards
Puss 'n Boots - vocals


Additional bandmembers :
"Millenium Morning" Era
Nevil DeFelice (aka Streamline Flow) - beatboxes, samples, keyboard
Sunny Mehta - guitars
Rocky Raful - guitars
Alissa Morris (aka MoanAlissa) - vocals

"Live @ Dragon's Den" Era
Jesse Lewis - guitars, bullhorn, drum
Doug Belote (aka dB Low, DJ drugless douglas) - drums